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Go to Williams College Home. SEARCH Williams Search Box. Type in your search terms and press enter or navigate down for suggested search results. Menu. Student Life Phone Number [email protected] Go to Williams College Home. Hopkins Hall Main Street. Jun 29,  · Located in northwestern Massachusetts, Williams College is a prestigious liberal arts college with a 13% acceptance rate. The college typically vies with Amherst for the top spot on national rankings of the best liberal arts colleges in the United States. One of Williams’ unique features is its tutorial program in which students meet with faculty in pairs to present and critique each other. We encourage students, faculty, and staff to submit photos to Williams Life. Image submissions should be current and represent some aspect of Williams College, such as academics, student life, building sites or campus events and activities. Your photo must be a minimum of pixels wide and must be in JPEG, TIFF, or PNG format.

How to Write the Williams College Essays

Filling out the Common App soon? Our free webinar will tell you everything you need to know about filling out the Common App and what mistakes to avoid. Watch the webinar. Williams College is found tucked away in the idyllic college town of Williamstown, a liberal arts college renowned for its undergraduate education. Only 2, williams college essay, students attend Williams, allowing for a stellar williams college essay on its undergraduates and a student-faculty ratio.

Williams was founded inand through its years of existence, has accrued a deep history and a wealth of tightly held traditions. Williams is also highly selective: for their class ofthe college williams college essay admitted Notable alumni include former president James A. Garfield, composer Stephen Sondheim, and photographer Walker Evans. The early decision deadline for Williams is on November 15th, and the regular decision deadline is on January 1st.

Option 1: At Williams we believe that bringing together students and professors in small groups produces extraordinary academic outcomes. Our distinctive Oxford-style tutorial classes—in which two students are guided by a professor in deep exploration of a single topic—are a prime example. Focused on close reading, writing williams college essay oral defense of ideas, more than 60 tutorials a year are offered across the curriculum, with titles williams college essay Aesthetic Outrage, Financial Crises: Causes and Cures, and Genome Sciences: At the Williams college essay Edge, williams college essay.

Imagine yourself in a tutorial at Williams. Of anyone in the world, williams college essay, whom would you choose to be your partner in the class, and why? What story would you share? What lessons have you drawn from that story, and how would those lessons inform your time at Williams?

What might differentiate you from the 19 other williams college essay students in an entry? What perspective s would you add to the conversation with your peers? Choosing a single essay may seem daunting at first, as you may wonder if you are choosing the perfect essay prompt that will convey yourself to the reader in the best way possible. After looking through the prompts and brainstorming parts of your identity and passions that you want to show to the admissions team, you will easily be able to answer any one of the questions, as all three prompts revolve around your personal story, interests, and ambitions, albeit in slightly different fashions.

As a result, the prompt choice becomes much less important than distilling your nuances and complexities onto the page. If you choose this first prompt, there are a couple of points you should make in the essay. First, williams college essay, your possibility of options are infinite in this prompt—as a result, make sure the person and williams college essay you settle on reveal important parts of your own background and interests.

You definitely want to describe why you chose the person and class you did, but make sure to return the focus back to you, and how you could grow through interacting with this person. Here are some brainstorm questions you should think about before writing:. You should look up the list of tutorials offered for the school year as a source of valuable information, which is also a good starting place for sparking ideas.

If there is a course pertinent to your own interests as well as the person you choose, feel free to mention the course. One note of caution: be wary of choosing incredibly common historical figures: Julius Caesar, Michael Jordan, Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, etc.

If you do so, make sure to have a fresh, unique, and persuasive set of reasons as to why you would pick this person. You should also be careful if you decide to talk about very controversial leaders and politicians, past or present. Anything that could evoke strong emotional responses in an outside reader could be risky.

As a result, you would love to engage in a semester-long course with someone who grew up in an era without constant global communication. To do this, you bring out Saint Francis of Assisisomeone whose texts you poured over while trying to find peace in your own solitude to no avail. You and Saint Francis, who spent much of his life in solitude and solo travel, could spend each class discussing the relationship between the individual and society, and how this relationship has been negotiated throughout time and space.

Example williams college essay You could also put a personal twist on the prompt. Say your parents immigrated from Korea, and your Korean identity makes a large portion of who you are.

As a result, you choose your grandmother, an incredibly bright woman who fled from North Korea to South Korea as a teenager during the Korean War. You would study perceptions of both Koreas from different generations, williams college essay, as well as Koreans in Korea and Koreans living abroad.

You also want to know yourself on a deeper level, especially through tracing a legacy of generational war trauma in your family.

Example 3: Say after reading this prompt, instead of focusing on a class topic, you instead immediately think of a person to work with, this person being the Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Instead, you imagine studying Russian 19th century realist fiction with him, williams college essay, a genre of literature very different in style, but very similar in emotional insight, doing a comparative analysis of sorts. You would also get to hear the plethora of personal stories he could share.

You find that Richard Feynman, who struggled with these questions his entire life, could help you get closer to these goals of yours. The second prompt is also incredibly open: talk about something that happened in your life, williams college essay. Of course, you want the story that you pick to have a greater significance beyond the simple narrative, whether this is a coming of age moment, a moment of realization and clarity, or a moment that has indubitably formed the person you are today.

Maybe this is simply being a williams college essay community-focused human being on campus, or maybe this could mean creating a campus organization that reflects what you learned, or maybe this means coming into Williams a more open-minded person.

If your Common App essay delves into more serious themes involving your identities and your williams college essay, you could possibly williams college essay this essay to reveal more lighthearted, fun elements of your personality. Whether or not you do this, the key here is to show, not tell, williams college essay, as you want your essay to read like a gripping campfire story.

Stick to one event that is illustrative of greater themes in your life. Example 1: Say you had a poignant breakthrough moment with your father, with whom you never really had a strong relationship before.

Your father, an ex-military, stoic man, never really shared his past with you, but one night you asked him about his days in the military, and he told you a hodgepodge of stories both thrilling and depressing. You learned so much about him that night, allowing you to piece together more of your own identity and where you came from. The lessons you learned that night, that vulnerability bridges relationships, williams college essay, would undoubtedly carry over to Williams, where you have the ability to form once-in-a-lifetime friendships.

Say you and your friends, on one particularly boring summer night, decided to buy goldfishes for many of your other friends. What started as a prank turned into a bonding moment where a group of friends collectively took charge of the lives of their goldfishes. You could then transition to talking about how this experience, in a weird way, williams college essay, mirrors the tight undergraduate experience provided at Williams, in regards to how everyone is together pursuing a common goal of learning about the world through a liberal arts curriculum.

You also believe these ideas would transition well to a tight-knit cultural group on campus, which for you is Williams South Asian Student Association. Example 3: Maybe you are still learning the lessons of the story you choose, as the story itself has some unfilled pages. Say you came out to your parents, who immediately rejected you as their child. Talk about how, at the time of writing, you are still trying to negotiate your identity with your status in your family, even though your parents find your situation non-negotiable.

You could talk about how, if you were afforded the opportunity to attend Williams and escape from your current surroundings, you could have clearer mental headspace, as well as be able to take part in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Find every essay for the schools you're applying to and williams college essay the writing process with expert tips along the way. By no means, williams college essay, however, does this essay have to be a glorified achievements list.

If you feel uncomfortable bragging about yourself, reframe the prompt as ultimately being candid about your background. You could also frame it as bragging williams college essay your family, or a community you were a part of, and using these groups as a way to illustrate your own identity formation.

We can break down this prompt into the three mentioned facets of diversity: backgrounds, perspectives, and interests. These three obviously overlap with each other, as perspectives and interests often come out of background, but think about each of these three aspects and unearth the most compelling parts of yourself that you think makes you unique.

If you speak with candor and love for your roots and passions, a uniqueness in how you frame yourself will cut through to the readers. Example 1: Say your primary interest is in math. Even though this interest is common to many, the reasons why math is so fascinating williams college essay you is more unique than just liking problem-solving. Instead, you are passionate about math pedagogy, specifically, how current primary and secondary school math education has been twisted and standardized to a point where you believe it is almost a completely different williams college essay from the one you grew up loving.

As a result, you started a math circle with middle school students, allowing them to explore the open-ended and creative side of williams college essay so different from algebra and geometry, and in the essay, you can use specific anecdotes with students who disliked school math but loved the math they did in their math circle. In regards to bringing diversity, you williams college essay talk about how you treat math as simultaneously a STEM and humanities field, and how this seamless fluidity between the two informs much of your personhood.

Example 2: Say music and the performing arts are your primary interests, another set of common interests. Talk about your rocky experience with the indie band you started in high school, and how all of your preconceived notions of glory and greatness were crushed.

You could transition into talking about how you learned from this failure, and how you feel ready to even possibly grab some Entry mates and start a band once more. You could talk about how you want to retain your cultural heritage although desiring at the same time to live in a completely foreign environment like New England. Coming from Latin America to New England by way of the Williams college essay Southwest, williams college essay, your fashion and culture would immediately make you stand out from the other, largely coastal students.

Example 4: Maybe you grew up as a racial, sexual, or economic minority in a community, in which you felt a constant brush of hostility. Although this may also not be entirely unique, williams college essay the community you grew up in was actually known to the country as an inclusive and progressive community, but your personal experience was anything but that.

Example 5: If you do have a niche interest, such as lepidopterology the study of moths and butterfliesand are an avid butterfly watcher, talk about why this activity is so important to you.

You could distill the core parts of this activity into a more generalized set of things you have learned—in the case of lepidopterology, it could be dogged persistence, or the pleasure of immersing yourself into nature without technology, williams college essay, or how you found a community with other lepidopterologist who share your passion.

Overall, after talking about your passion or background, make sure to explain why it is so significant to you, and how that would allow the students in your Entry to grow in their own worldviews. You could also talk with excitement about how you too would love to hear the different perspectives of all those in your Entry, and how the Entry system, in general, would allow you to experience the polar opposite of the cloistered, homogenous environment you grew up in.

Learn more about how our Applications Program can help your chances of admission. What does this person have to teach you, and why you specifically? What experiences do you bring to the table to foster a great discussion?

More broadly, how does the tutorial environment fit your ideal college education? Dig into your past. Manage Your Essays, williams college essay. Learn more about College Apps. Want more college admissions tips? We'll send you information to help you throughout the college admissions process. Loved the article? Share it! CollegeVine College Essay Team at. Short bio. Our college essay experts go through a rigorous selection process that evaluates their writing skills and knowledge of college admissions.



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Jun 29,  · Located in northwestern Massachusetts, Williams College is a prestigious liberal arts college with a 13% acceptance rate. The college typically vies with Amherst for the top spot on national rankings of the best liberal arts colleges in the United States. One of Williams’ unique features is its tutorial program in which students meet with faculty in pairs to present and critique each other. Note: The Williams Writing Supplement is entirely optional. Please respond to one of the prompts below in a short essay of words or fewer. 1. At Williams we believe that bringing together students and professors in small groups produces extraordinary academic outcomes. Go to Williams College Home. SEARCH Williams Search Box. Type in your search terms and press enter or navigate down for suggested search results. Menu. Student Life Phone Number [email protected] Go to Williams College Home. Hopkins Hall Main Street.